My Broke Ass Life is a blog dedicated to the hodge-podge of domestic living. We will be bringing together a wide variety of issues into one package. Some topics covered will include mortgages, home and yard repair, cooking tips and recipes, budgeting, and keeping yourself motivated when all these things and more want your attention at the same time.

The primary writers here are newlyweds Matt and Jess.

Matt has had homeowner responsibilities since 2005. He is a woodworker whose various jobs have included being a cabinetmaker, a luthier, and now a theatrical master carpenter (though “carpenter” may sound misleading, as he does a lot of metalworking as well when building sets). He’s been keen on cooking elaborate meals with grills, slow cookers, and convection ovens for the past five years.

Jess has lived with Matt since 2010. Before that, she spent 1.5 years as an apartment renter. She’s a personal finance geek—anything dealing with money is her niche, and she loves it. She’s also a web developer and a technology geek, so she’s always trying out new applications to make domestic life easier. While Matt is the idea person, she’s the one who does the research and presents the spreadsheet about how they can execute.

They’re also proud to be owned by two insane lovely cats. So, expect to see pet advice as a feature here as well!


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