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Welcome to the Revival of My Broke Ass Life

After seven months of throwing around ideas and soul-searching, My Broke Ass Life is back. We’ll be taking on a more focused direction, bringing back a few of Jess’s old posts that fit our mission, and adding new content from Jess and our new writer Matt.

What We’re About

The mission of this blog will be to produce content that relates to domestic living within a budget, whether it be for homeowners, apartment renters, or those just finding their way to live independently. It’s a lot to cover, but the writers here have eclectic skills that they’ve been wanting to blog about, and hey, it turns out that it all falls nicely under the “domestic living” label.

What to Expect

We hope to cover a good variety of stuff, such as:

  • dealing with mortgages, loans, and banking
  • home and yard repair, along with things to look out for to prevent problems
  • cohabitation and relationships
  • cooking tips and recipes
  • budgeting, collaborating on to-do lists, and scheduling
  • sites and apps that increase productivity
  • time management and keeping yourself motivated over the long haul

We’ll also have a monthly feature where Matt and Jess track their own personal progress in their homeownership to-do list, as well as journal entries (marked as such) that discuss events that relate to the blog’s mission. (Well, it may get a bit off topic once in a while… No promises!)

Interested in Writing?

We’d like to eventually expand the writing staff, or at least host guest posts. Leave a comment if your interested in submitting, and we’ll send you email to discuss further.


Special Announcement on June 4

Come back after 8am tomorrow for a special announcement regarding this site!

After having it sit idle for seven months now, and looking back at the amount of money I’ve invested in it, I think it’s ready for something… What’s that something? We’ll introduce it to you tomorrow!