Homeowner To-Do List: June 2012

Matt and I have a five year plan for various renovations, additions, and purchases we want to make for the house. Every month, we’ll be posting what our to-do list is for the upcoming months. As the months go on, we’ll hopefully be crossing things off and adding things on. For now, I’m keeping it simple, but I’m hoping for these monthly posts to get more elaborate as time goes on.

Here are the current goals on our to-do list:

  1. Get quotes on tree removal for dying tree in backyard
  2. Repair outside pipe
  3. Clean and open pool for the summer
    1. Make repairs as necessary
  4. Replace older boards in deck
  5. Add new handrail to stairs going to second floor
  6. Get headboard for master bedroom bed
  7. Adjust kitchen layout to accommodate new appliances
  8. Get quotes on upgrading electric
  9. Investigate getting new dryer
  10. Purchase small shed
  11. Look into getting UPSes for office and for living room
  12. Get quotes on gas-powered generator installation
  13. New curtains for living room
  14. Fix coat hook in kitchen

Not too bad of a list for the next few months. Some of the hold-ups come from style differences (Matt and I have different tastes on railings and headboards) and budgeting (the UPSes, the shed), while others just come down to finding the time and the right people. June isn’t too hectic of a month for us (whereas July will be pretty filled), so we’re hoping to make some good progress over the next few weeks.


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